Leave it All Behind with Peace Kwon

The podcast that breaks down the minds of creatives, entrepreneurs, and other inspiring people to uncover their journeys in finding meaning and fulfilment in life and work for ever-growing young adults.

LAB helps you develop a Meaningful Life by sharing knowledge, wisdom, inspirations, and personal stories.
Seek and you will find, LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND.

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✌🏼Hosted by Peace Kwon @thedominantpeace
📟New episode every Thursday!
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Episodes Date

HEY GUYS, It's been a while and a long time and sometimes things just don't go as planned :( It's been quite chaos for me for the last few weeks and I needed some alone time for myself. But things are...
July 7, 2022
Hey guys, it’s been a while but we are back with SEASON 2! In this episode, we have the singer-songwriter/musician who sings with such an angelic voice currently living here in Sydney who represents I...
June 9, 2022
Last week I threw a question box on instagram and asked YOU GUYS “If you were the host, what question would you ask me?” and you guys gave me such amazing questions that wanted me to talk about them h...
April 7, 2022
It’s not usual to see storytellers tell their own stories in front. But today in this exclusive episode of LAB, we have the founder of the Korean-Australian Community ‘kozziecom’, Shona Yang. The Aust...
March 24, 2022
LAB is now available on YouTube! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! For those wanting easy access to LAB all in one go, click HERE. In today’s episode we have Andrew, the founder of ‘avdpixels’, who is a creati...
March 10, 2022
Welcome back to the LAB yall!  This week we have the Personal Trainer and PT manager Ezy in the LAB with us. Ezy opens up with us real raw and honest about how he become who is today along with some a...
February 24, 2022
LAB is now available on YouTube! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! For those wanting easy access to LAB all in one go, click HERE. The up and coming Korean-Australian Rapper here out in Sydney, who’s favourite...
February 10, 2022
It's a fresh New Year!  In our first episode of 2022 we have Chloe Lucieadam who gives us influence on how to respect ourselves with love by taking care of our holistic wellbeing. She also runs a Musi...
January 13, 2022
Hey guys! Can't believe we have already reached the end of 2021!! As much as it is our LAST episode of the year, I wanted this episode to be special and chill. So I sat down with  Caroline Lee who has...
December 30, 2021
Jasmine Marae is a hiphop dancer from Wollongong Street Beatz; the only street dance studio in Illawarra. In this episode we talk about how Jasmine became a hiphop dancer and how being bullied at a yo...
December 16, 2021

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